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Budapest Shooting

We take only the best as good enough to may meet the highest requirements we set up for ourselves when we talk about:

location, technical surroundings, selection of weapons, service level, reliability and selection of our staff too.

Prime location

In the Party Zone of downtown in Budapest


Friendly, but professional range personnel

Safety first” shouldn’t turn to be a stressful and rude experience.

Wide range of firearms

More than one hundred and fifty pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles are waiting for you.

Top notch ventillation

with 30 ACPH (air change per hour), the total air volume of each shooting sectors can totally be exchanged in every 2 minutes

No firearms license needed

Just bring a photo ID with you and of course your adventorous spirit adventorousness

Truly all-season

Warm in the wintertime and cool in the summertime

Limited group sizes & extended shooting times

A more personal shooting experience.

less travel cost & time

Unlike most ranges, we are located in the city center, close to hotels and tourist attractions

Interactive booking

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Our staff

Tibor Gál


János Habony

Chief Range Officer

Péter Jójárt

Chief Range Officer

Attila Viplak


Ernő Baranyi


Csaba Téglás

Range Officer

István Igyártó

Range Officer/IT

Iván Magdus

Range Officer

Karina Ispán

Range Officer

Bence Molnár

Range and tech officer

Benedek Rónoki

Range and tech officer

László Bicsák

Tech Officer

Anikó Tóth


Vilmos Badinka

Tech Officer

Krisztián Gaszt


László Szádvári

Graphics & Design

Any questions?

Use our chat, we are happy to answer you within our opening hours.

ADDRESS: 1065 BUDAPEST, NAGYMEZŐ UTCA 37-39 | PHONE: +36 30 712 32 59
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