Rookie package

52 shots
7 weapons

26 970 HUF

75 EUR

Growing up on action movies one might think shooting is a piece of cake, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Budapest Shooting, reality will surely exceed all your expectations.

Ruger Mk IV

10 shots


.22 LR

Glock 17

8 shots


9x19 Luger

Taurus M689

6 shots


.357 Magnum

Tippmann carbine

10 shots


.22 LR

Armalite M15

7 shots


.223 REM.

Kalashnikov AK-47

7 shots



Remington 870

4 lövés



No matter if it is cloudy or cold, our indoor packages give you the chance to get a taste of the fiery flavours of live-fire shooting at any time of the year and master the basics of professional use in a relaxed atmosphere. When you’re just starting out, you never know which genre suits you best of all. Because it’s fun and varied, you can’t miss the target in any way with it. The point is to load, aim and shoot, for sure you’ll be captivated by the magic of novelty. Any one of the 7 weapons, from small pistols to the famous Kalashnikov assault rife, may be a first-time bullseye.

But it is quite on the cards for one of them to become love at first grip. You can also upgrade your Rookie with the add-on packs provided, so you can take this ‘slick move’ to trigger off level up and find yourself on the path to becoming a professional shooter. Of course you might need some cocking, but with this selection you can safely take the plunge into the deep end, where you’re guaranteed an adrenaline-fuelled swim.

What could be a more exciting choice for a team-building programme or as a special surprise? Dear Rookies, the challenge and our professional shooting range are both waiting for you, book the package!


Packages& Extras

Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.



ADD-ON packages can be purchased only in addition to our standard packages.

6 shots
3 weapons

14 040 HUF

39 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

12 960 HUF

36 EUR

21 shots
3 weapons

13 320 HUF

37 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

9720 HUF

27 EUR

18 shots
3 weapons

11 880 HUF

33 EUR

6 shots
3 weapons

16 560 HUF

46 EUR

Temporarily unavailable
30 shots
4 weapons

15 480 HUF

43 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

24 840 HUF

69 EUR

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