Shooting to strengthen your leadership skills

A good leader is focused, keeps his team together, can be counted on and is confident. And these are qualities that are needed not just by senior managers, but by anyone who is responsible for the work of more than one person. It is important to know, however, that all leadership skills can be learned - and of course are most effectively acquired in meetings where the whole team is together.

Our leadership workshops allow you to bring your colleagues along to help you tune in to each other and develop your skills in a playful, yet attentive environment. Do you feel you need to hone your leadership skills yourself? Do you find that your colleagues are too reticent, not very proactive or need to be more focused with their ideas? Then our shooting experience programme is for you!

Shooting experience workshop for groups

Whether you're a small or large team, our shooting programme for leadership workshops will help you hone your communication skills, improve teamwork and build trust. Offer each other guns or test each other's skills in our pairs shooting programme - trust us, you'll be listening to each other a lot better by the end of the day!

Don't worry, you won't be left on your own, as our shooting instructors will be with you at all times, helping to show you how each type of weapon works and keeping you safe at all times.

Are you interested in recreational shooting?

Is this your first time shooting or are there professionals in the team? Neither is a disadvantage - book your appointment now!