ExtremeSport shooting

We at Budapest Shooting see weapons as tools that can be - and are - used for sport shooting. To simplify, there are basically two main branches of sport shooting, the more static point shooting and the dynamic shooting. The latter is taught and practised competitively. There is no greater guarantee of our competence.

Dynamic shooting disciplines

Quick point shooting

The default position is static point shooting, but it is made more dynamic by the relatively short time limit available for the shooter to fire a predetermined number of evaluated shots.

Silhouette shooting

Metal animal silhouettes placed at different distances must be hit with a handgun or long gun. Only 1 shot can be fired at each silhouette.

Steel challenge

A dynamic discipline that includes eight standardised tracks with metal targets placed at different distances, in three sizes. Competitors are ranked solely on their race times, with the competitor with the lowest overall time being the winner.


A shooting sport that simulates realistic self-defence situations. It provides both recreation for beginners and challenge and success for experienced shooters. The main aim is to test the shooting skills of the individual, not to test equipment, and therefore equipment developed only for competition cannot be used.


Similar to IDPA, this is also situational shooting, but more of a sport. Its motto is based on the Latin words Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC), meaning accuracy, power and speed, which play an equal role in the sport. Its main attraction lies in the variety of courses, with a large number of stationary, moving and penalty targets, which are a constant challenge for shooters, both from a moving and a stationary position.

Shooting at indoor shooting range

Some forms of shooting can be practised on our state-of-the-art range by anyone who is keen to try a new area or is a true professional. Our indoor shooting range is located in the heart of Budapest on Nagymező Street, and is not only available for a single shooter, but can also accommodate small to large groups. We can also host team building trainings, birthday and name day events, friends or family gatherings, stag and hen parties and even wedding photography sessions.

We have a wide range of guns, so everyone can find the pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, carbines, shotguns, machine guns and sniper rifles they like to shoot. Prior to shooting, our colleagues will give you a short training session on the basics (both in person and through videos), as our first priority - as live firearms and ammunition - is the safety of our guests and colleagues.

Interested in sport shooting?

For specific requests, please email or call us.
You can also book an appointment via the website.

Quick and easy appointment booking

We welcome applications from adventurous teams and individuals all year round, seven days a week. As our range is very busy, we advise everyone to book an appointment in advance, whether it's for a "regular" shooting experience or for any special requests. The quickest and easiest way to book an appointment for a shooting experience is via our website here.

For individual requests, such as company team-builders, stag and hen parties, friends or family get-togethers, please email or call us to clarify details and prepare a personalised offer! Our colleagues will contact you shortly using one of the contact details provided and will be happy to provide you with more information or a specific offer to suit your needs.