Make the groom's or bride's last free evening unforgettable at our shooting range! With all the excitement and planning that comes with a wedding, they could certainly do with a little relaxation before they say their vows.

Looking for a special stag/hen party?

Just as you will probably surprise your friends with this special gift, we will create a unique package for you, tailored to your personality and ideas. Whether you all share the joy of shooting, or just the groom or bride putting their aiming skills to the test, you're guaranteed a unique experience. Together, we'll work out which details about your individuality are of interest and importance to your event, and we'll be happy to accommodate any specific requests that can be safely accommodated at the shooting range. If you don't have an idea yet, but would like to add a few extra surprises to your festive occasion, we'll be happy to give you ideas for creative implementation.

These personalised packages are cleverly designed to be colourful and varied, with a twist. Although we recommend the smaller caliber pieces for ladies, Girls and Lads, you can expect an adventurous journey through time as you try out what it's like to be an action hero, an elite commando or a WWII soldier.

Experience shooting (not only) for the soon-to-be-married

Whether you're a professional or a complete beginner, shooting is always under the guidance of trained shooting instructors.If you're looking for a bachelor or bachelorette party that will blow your mind, contact us and you're sure to find the most exciting target!

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