Adrenaline package

44 shots
6 weapons

22 980 HUF

64 EUR

Are you planning to be introduced to shooting by us? As an excited, but jittery newbie, we would recommend the elementary weapons. Lay the foundation for your passion for shooting with our Adrenaline package!


10 shots


.22 LR

CZ P07

8 shots


9x19 Luger

Taurus Tracker National Match

6 shots


.22 LR

Ruger 10/22 Mini Sniper

10 shots


.22 LR

Kalashnikov AK-47

7 shots



Saiga 308

3 shots


308 Win

Our package made for beginners is called Adrenaline for a reason. Pulling the trigger for the first time is an incomparable experience when adrenaline flows through your veins. Growing up on action movies one might think shooting is a piece of cake, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At Budapest Shooting, reality will surely exceed all your expectations. Even holding a gun in your hand can start an adrenaline rush, but pulling the trigger will definitely get you that unearthly feeling. Then the weapon kicks back to make the experience even livelier, while you hope you managed to hit the target. You are probably familiar with the last part though, but here, you won’t be using plastic toys, but real, live firearms. Who said you couldn’t have fun in a professional environment? Our outdoor shooting range offers a professional crew that will help you with anything and provides safety on any occasion. Choose us and bring joy to your adrenaline junkie friends!


Packages& Extras

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ADD-ON packages can be purchased only in addition to our standard packages.

6 shots
3 weapons

14 040 HUF

39 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

12 960 HUF

36 EUR

21 shots
3 weapons

13 320 HUF

37 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

9720 HUF

27 EUR

18 shots
3 weapons

11 880 HUF

33 EUR

6 shots
3 weapons

16 560 HUF

46 EUR

30 shots
4 weapons

15 480 HUF

43 EUR

9 shots
3 weapons

24 840 HUF

69 EUR

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