Saiga 12

3 shots


The Saiga shotgun series developed by Izhmash (now known as Kalashnikov Concern) are Kalashnikov pattern civilian shotguns. They are rotating bolt, gas-operated Semi-Automatic shotguns. The Saiga 12K is a variation with pistol grips, short barrels and folding stocks for police and military use. A civilian version of the Saiga 12K is also available for the Russian market; this version has a block that prevents the trigger from being depressed when the stock is folded. This is because Russian laws prohibit shotguns with a barrel length of less than 500 mm (20") and an overall length of less than 800 mm (32"). As the Saiga 12K is 910 mm (35.8") long with the stock unfolded, and 670 mm (26.4") long with it folded, this safety block brings it into line with Russian regulations. Sporterized BATFE Approved semi-auto versions are available for sale to civilians in the United States.




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