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<strong>ACCORDING TO HUNGARIAN LAW IT CAN ONLY BE USED ONLY IN SEMI AUTO MODE!</strong> The Zastava M72 is a light machine gun developed and manufactured by then Yugoslav Zastava Arms company. Generally, the M72 is almost a direct copy of the Soviet RPK light machine gun, the only visual differences being in barrel, wooden stock, no side rail mount and slightly in design of the wooden handguard. The Zastava M72 chambers and fires the 7.62×39mm M43 round. It is a gas-operated, air-cooled, drum-fed firearm with a fixed stock. This weapon is a near copy of the Soviet RPK light machine gun. There are a few differences on the M72/M72A. It does not have a scope side rail mount, the butt is also different, having the shape of a regular AK-47 rifle. It has a reinforced receiver, night sights and no carrying handle. The barrel also differs from other RPK rifles because of the cooling fins to help with heat dissipation from prolonged fire. The M72 only appears with a heavy profile barrel as opposed to Russian and Romanian RPK rifles that can come in both light or heavy barrel configurations.




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