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The Remington Model 700 is the flagship sporting bolt action hunting rifle for Remington Arms. Introduced to the public in late 1962, it was a development of the previous sporting rifles, the Remington Model 721 and 722. The Model 721 was the first truly modern sporting rifle of the 20th century. The bolt action was the strongest of its kind when it was introduced in 1948 and was not just a sporterized version of a military surplus rifle. However the 721 was only offered in long action. It was available in .264 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, .30-06, and .300 H&H Mag. The 722 was developed for smaller game cartridges with a short action only - it was available in .222 Remington, .222 Remington Magnum, .243 Winchester, .244 Remington, .257 Roberts, .300 Savage, and .308 Winchester. Both the 721 and 722 rifles were discontinued in 1962 upon the introduction of the new and refined Model 700. The Model 700 is a refined firearm design that delivers exceptional quality and accuracy for a mass produced firearm.

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