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This package only avaible at the indoor shooting range (Nagymező street)

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Check the weapons what are waiting for you!

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Each package only applies to one person, sharing packages between multiple shooters is not possible.

To shoot an additional package, you need to buy a premium package before. Only the premium package shooter can use it.

Weapons of the package

Élménylövészet Sigsauer P320 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
CZ P07 9mm Luger 10
Lövészet Glock 17 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Heckler & Koch USP 9mm Luger 10
Glock 19 lövészet Budapesten
Type Cal. Shots
Glock 19 9mm Luger 10
Élménylövészet Alfa 9261 9x19-essel
Type Cal. Shots
Alpha Revolver 9mm Luger 6
Élménylövészet Hechler Koch SP5K típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Heckler & Koch MP5 KA4 9mm Luger 10
Élménylövészet Brugger Thomet APC9 típusú fegyverrel Budapesten
Type Cal. Shots
Brügger & Tomet APC9 9mm Luger 10
Lövészet Kalashnikov AK 9 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Saiga Vityaz 9 9mm Luger 10
Lövészet CZ Skorpion EVO3 A1 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Anderson AM9 9mm Luger 10

The German Weapons and Munitions PLC has started to produce the 9×19 mm Luger cartridge in 1902 that is still being used by the police and military forces in many countries around the world. „9” indicates its diameter and „19” the length of the cartridge-case in millimetres. Its original name, Parabellum is derived from the Latin motto: Si vis pacem, para bellum (“If you seek peace, prepare for war”).

There are only a few more exciting fields for experimentation than to assign different forms to the same content. Therefore, this package is the perfect choice for in-depth observers or analysts looking for a deeper understanding of the popular 9 mm calibre. As a beginner, you can also get an insight into the steely world of weapons with the help of our expert staff. But if you’re a more experienced competitor, this time you can learn the advanced tricks of sport shooting at the indoor range.

You’re wondering which weapon you can use to get the bullet into the centre of the target, aren’t you? The thrill and excitement are guaranteed, and practice makes the sniper, so some perseverance is highly recommended.

Book a date, even for a shooting match, and like the mirror, the target will tell you exactly who is the best caliber in the area!

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