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This package only avaible at the indoor shooting range (Nagymező street)

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Each package only applies to one person, sharing packages between multiple shooters is not possible.

To shoot an extra package, you need to buy a premium package before. Only the premium package shooter can use it.

Weapons of the package

Glock 32 lövészet
Type Cal. Shots
CZ P09 9×19 Luger 8
Sigsauer P226 lövészet
Type Cal. Shots
Heckler und Koch USP 9×19 Luger 8
Lövészet Taurus M454 típusú fegyverrel Budapesten
Type Cal. Shots
Springfield HS 45 .45 ACP 8
Lövészet Glock 21 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Glock 21 .40 S&W 8
Élménylövészet Hechler Koch SP5K típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
Stribog SP 9 9×19 Luger 8
Élménylövészet Saiga 9 típusú fegyverrel
Type Cal. Shots
M4 Carbine 5.56×45 7
Élménylövészet Savage 338 típusú fegyverrel Budapesten
Type Cal. Shots
AK-47 Tactical 7.62x39mm 7

Do you spend long hours every day sitting in front of the computer in a heated office dreaming of some extraordinary adventure? Are you a seasoned gamer looking to finally put your in-game sniping skills to use in the real world?

Imagine parachuting in as a member of an elite commando and fighting for days in the desert or deep jungle, where wild animals and poisonous snakes are the least of your threats. Whether it’s rescuing hostages, disarming insurgents or blowing up a power plant, the stakes are high, and you may have to win with your life. All this is preceded by months of training and endurance tests, where you have to complete the long distance in full gear and given time, often over very difficult terrain.

You might have thought of a lighter challenge, but with this package you’ll still have a memorable adventure where you can experience the daily routine of Special Forces in a safe environment. Excitement is guaranteed, intense concentration is up to you, but fun live-fire shooting is sure to work for you. We also provide a high number of shots and an extra add-on package: who dares, wins, choose the Special Forces package!

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